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Tom has some of the best maintained and beautiful-sounding vintage keyboards in the UK if not the world. Hiring Tom for online keyboard recording sessions will give you access to tracks recorded on any of his funky vintage keyboards – see below to read details of what you can choose from. Tom has the latest technology in addition to his vintage keyboards – he can program an incredible array of synth sounds and even upload samples to his 88 key Nord Stage 2.

1975 SUITCASE RHODES PIANO MKI 88 KEYS – this has to be one of the most pristine examples of the King of vintage keyboards – a suitcase Rhodes. This Rhodes was in mint condition when imported from the US (and it still looks new!); it has the celebrated half plastic / half wood action and is voiced to sound as close as possible to Herbie’s suitcase Rhodes (think ‘Come Running To Me’). It is completely stock – no modifications – and its preamp and amp have both been serviced by an ex-Fender CBS technician.

HOHNER CLAVINET D6 – Tom is only the second ever owner of this Clavinet, one of the most sought-after vintage keyboards. It had been discovered sitting unused in a German warehouse; Tom is in possession of a spare harp, the original Hohner cardboard box and the price tag!

SOLINA STRING ENSEMBLE – this vintage keyboard not only graced Herbie’s classic funk albums (although he used the ARP String Ensemble and rare String Synthesizer) but was also heavily influential in the development of disco (particularly where producers didn’t have the budget for string sections).

YAMAHA U1 UPRIGHT PIANO – this is a sought-after early 70’s model from the Japanese factory. It has been refurbished by the Yamaha service department and sounds beautiful. I tend to record it with two mics over bass / treble strings and I have treated the room acoustically.

CLAVIA NORD STAGE 2 88 KEY – this has the sounds of all the great funky vintage keyboards and also a sophisticated synth section with an arpeggiator and the ability to upload user-created samples. It’s fun to play and record with – definitely one of the best modern day keyboards!

1973 STAGE RHODES PIANO MKI 73 KEYS – this Rhodes has been overhauled and fully serviced by Tom; it has the half plastic, half wooden hammers and full key caps. This is used as Tom’s principal gigging Rhodes.

1973 mkI Stage Rhodes, overhauled, voiced and tuned by Tom O’Grady, ready for gigging.

MOOG LITTLE PHATTY STAGE 2 & MICROKORG XL – two modern greats; the Moog Little Phatty Stage 2 is inspiring to play live and the Microkorg has a great, affordable, vocoder!


Tom’s funky keyboard collection



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