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Tom offers the following services:


Tom has the image to suit your band and can accurately produce most keyboard and synth sounds with his Nord Stage 2, Moog Little Phatty 2 and Microkorg XL. He reads notation fluently and is extremely quick to pick up music by ear (having perfect pitch). He has a reputation for being easy-going but reliable – he always turns up to rehearsals on time, knowing his parts. He also has experience of playing big venues in front of large crowds, plus live work for radio and television. Tom can also play solo piano for functions / weddings; his repertoire includes classical works and the Gershwin songbook.


Tom has recorded at studios including the world famous Abbey Road and Sunset Sound (LA). If you want piano or keyboards on your music, Tom would love to play for you.


If you want keyboards on your production but studio time isn’t an option, why not dropbox a guide mp3 to Tom? He can record all the keyboards you want remotely (using Logic and his mouthwatering array of funky keyboards) and then send back wav files via the dropbox. He has worked in this way with people as diverse as Paul Randolph (Jazzanova) and a producer from Venezuela!


Take a look at Tom’s youtube channel for an idea as to what he can do. He has even transcribed orchestral works for clients (broken down into each individual instrumental part) at a rate of roughly 1 minute of orchestration per 2 hours of work. Rates are provided based on an assessment of the time required – each commission depends on many factors such as audio quality and the complexity of the music.

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2 comments to “BOOK / CONTACT”

  • Jeff Usher, July 17, 2012 at 1:49 am
    Hi Tom. Just found your transcription performance of Come Running To Me on Youtube. Fabulous! I have loved that piece since it first came out, and learned to play it too without writing it down. I am totally blind so could not see what you were doing on the keys, but what I heard stacked up nicely with my memory of the electric piano part. What a knock-out piece of music. Cheers. Jeff
    • admin, July 17, 2012 at 9:43 am
      Hi Jeff, Thank you for the kind comment! I'm glad you love this track too and that my transcription sounds ok. Did you know that Herbie's playing this track live this year?! He's using a vocoder along with the Korg Kronos. Sadly he's not using a suitcase Rhodes though!